I. Beaches

There are more than 60 sandy beaches and coves around Menorca, on which a great part of the Menorcan economy is centred. Tourism in Menorca, in general, is related to a “sun and beach” offer, a kind of destination with is more competitive every day. So, what else can Menorca offer to its visitors? Which quality elements can make Menorca different from the rest? Thinking quickly, we could say tranquillity and landscape, both coastal and inland, as added values. But there is another element that is so close to the coves themselves and that most of the time goes unnoticed: beaches are alive!

This project intends to make known and remark on all natural values present in the coastal systems in Menorca, from a multidisciplinary view and in a way that can be understood by everybody.

In these indexes you will find the geographical and physical information of every beach, a description of its surroundings and landscape, the kind of plants and vegetation related to it, the animals found, marine life, and the history and peculiarities of that particular area.