The Observatori Socioambiental de Menorca, along with the Leader + Programme of the European Union, is carrying out the organization of the scientific information available on the natural heritage in Menorca for tourist assessment purposes, bearing in mind that knowing and revealing the island’s natural resources is the key for a tourist development based on the conservation of such heritage. We introduce the first two chapters of a line of work that we intend to continue in the future: 

Immediate objectives of this work are: 

  1. To inform and give advice to the tourism professionals on natural resources which are the basis of the tourist product.
  2. To release material to be used to advertise these natural values among the agents of the tourist sector and make known this heritage to users and people in general. 
  3. To detail the main problems of preservation that affect these natural resources and to propose different ways to solve them. 

On the other hand, through the work on site and documentary research, the project has been also useful to organize and offer a basic inventory of the natural values of beaches, without a doubt, the natural resource with the highest economic value in Menorca; and the butterflies, a minority subject but of emerging tourist value.